Photo services & photo editing

Product photography is the primary means of interaction with future customers

Whatever we sell, we need to present our product. The product can be footwear, cosmetics, services, coaching, etc… Either through product, portrait, culinary, fashion or lifestyle photography we must represent as accurately as possible the concept of our product and convince them to access it.

It is very important to know what is the right image for the product you are selling and to match it with the target audience.



A primary form of product photography is the direct product-only image. Commonly used for product listings in online stores like Amazon or Etsy, these photos are usually taken with a plain white background to limit distractions. Product-only images capture the details of the subject, such as size, silhouette, and color.

This information helps consumers find exactly what they’re looking for when shopping online.



Strictly speaking, fashion photography is dedicated to presenting clothing and other fashion items in the best possible terms. At its roots, it’s marketing. It uses deep-seated human psychology to create interest and desire for a product. Fashion imagery is trendy, sexy and vibrant.

Catalogue or lookbook photography is fashion photography that is meant to show clothes or accessories in a neutral way. These product photographs are mostly taken in the studio to create a context that cannot influence the perception of the product

Campaign or advertising photography is essential for a growing brand. It is one of the channels through which attention is drawn to the direction and message the brand wants to convey.