What about branding? Branding is the process of building a brand, and it is usually a long process that involves a lot of people and a lot of work.

Branding uses logos, themes, mission statements, marketing messages and more to build a positive and qualitative image of your business. When branding is done in the right way, it will help you differentiate yourself from the competition, encouraging retention of current customers and attracting new ones.

Strategia de branding

A business cannot be successful and impactful without a branding strategy.

Brand strategy in definition says what you are, what you do and why what you do matters. It also emphasises clarity, connection with the audience and denotes a strong brand personality.

With the right brand strategy you will be able to say the right things that will also aim to create a stable and lasting relationship with your customers. A well-developed strategy can also place a brand intelligently in the competitive market by supporting a positioning that should be effective, simple but not trivial, easy to understand, in a word unique.


We like to think of branding as the road or highway an entrepreneur chooses to travel from Product to Brand.

Nowadays, branding is all about engagement and association, which is why it’s an essential step for any product coming to market and eagerly waiting to be known by the general public. Often branding helps your company/product/service to be visible among hundreds or thousands of other brands and attract the attention of your ideal customer.

In other words, it’s what turns a simple shopper into a loyal customer or even a brand ambassador.


There is a lot to be said about logos and how important it is to tell a story, but we will limit ourselves to a few essential lines.

The logo is part of what is called visual identity, more precisely it is a set of graphic elements that have the role of differentiating a product/service/company from the rest of the competitors on the market.

For the general public, it is an instant reminder and is the starting point in brand recognition.

A truly memorable logo is always one that directly represents the values of the company it supports and can be easily identified in a sea of logos.

Visual identity

70% of the world’s population has a visual memory, because before we learn to read and write, we recognise colours and symbols.

When it comes to branding what you see is what you get. In short, in branding what you see with the naked eye is the visual identity of a brand, the first element that speaks about your business and with which the customer interacts for the first time.

Visual identity is the graphic representation of a brand that expresses who it is and differentiates it from the competition. In addition to the name, a brand has certain ‘clothes’, which translate into the following elements: logo, colour scheme, image, differentiating graphic element, font type.

An efficiently constructed visual identity helps the brand to remain in the memory of the customer, bringing an added credibility and reliability.