SEO/Web Optimisation

SEO optimization is currently the only way to be present in the most effective and coveted advertising location in the world – the first organic Google page.

SEO is more than a marketing channel, it is a business benchmark, a competitive advantage if implemented in a correct and professional manner. Raising awareness of the importance of SEO to entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to succeed on the internet, and its impact on business success, is our mission.


SEO is the process of optimising a website to rank better in Google searches. Its aim is to generate organic (unpaid) traffic from search engines.

At the same time SEO responds to the needs of customers with relevant results for Google searches.

SEM, also known as PPC (pay per click), is a digital marketing strategy that allows a website to appear above organic results. Unlike SEO, SEM is paid, with each click from users having a value, depending on the keyword entered on Google.

So, both SEO and SEM aim for better visibility and higher site awareness.

SEO and SEM Audit

If you own a business that has a website, you’ve certainly seen advertisements with offers for an SEO audit. This should be carried out regularly for any type of website and is one of the essential marketing tools you can use to grow your business online.

An SEO audit is carried out with the aim of identifying areas of your website that are not performing well. For example, with the help of such a method, you may discover that you are not choosing the right keywords for your specific business.

An SEM audit can reveal which keywords are performing well and not so well. This audit can tell you a lot about the competition and you can make improvements to your marketing campaign.

Improved site load time

Our priority, for all of us who offer services/products online, is to create the most enjoyable experience for users.

By site speed we mean the response time of the site when accessed. Does it matter if the loading speed is 2.5 or 10 seconds? Yes, it is a decisive factor in maintaining a high volume of visitors.

Slow page load speed can have a negative impact, so the customer may leave the website. So if this has been pointed out to you, or perhaps you have noticed it yourself when trying to access your own web page, you should definitely take steps to reduce the loading time.

”Speed is definitely a ranking factor? YES.”- John Mueller, Google.

Code correction and improvement

We provide maintenance, support and bug fixes, implementing new features for your site.

So that visitors can fully enjoy the moments they spend when purchasing a product or service.

We analyse how your website has been set up and ensure that it operates in line with best practice in the online industry with regard to the administrator interface.

Display fields and any other configuration errors that could affect the performance of the site.